Living Room Gallery Wall

A couple weeks back we purchased a new TV stand that we had been wanting from IKEA, once we had that all set we knew the next step would be to complete a gallery type wall around it. Fun fact there are very few things hung on our walls and no pictures hanging up to this point. Over the last couple weeks we have been gathering items we wanted to incorporate into the wall including pictures, artwork, and some decor pieces.
We started this all by laying out everything we had. I then traced the outlines of each item on paper (something I once saw on Pinterest, great idea) and played with the layout with the items on the wall before getting the nails involved. A couple tries later we had our desired layout.
(In progress- yes with the Olympics on)
Then we began by placing the nails directly on top of the papers so all that layout work wasn't wasted. Now here is the end result with everything hung up, not to say we wont add more in the future but we are very happy with this start.

Some of the items we included:
TV Stand: IKEA, Morkie sign: Etsy, NM Home sign: Etsy, Marble clock: Target, Wooden Arrow: Amazon, Grey B: Michael's

Other things included are of course our pictures (frames from target, home goods and hobby lobby) and lyrics from our first dance song.


Burn Boutique 6 Months & Maxi and Denium OOTD

I can actually hardly believe my little business turned 6 months old today! It feels like last week that I turned over the website I had been working so hard to put together and been dreaming about for years from protected to live. I sat there nervous waiting to see what my friends, family and strangers thought of the site and the clothes I picked out. The first few days were a huge excitement watching it all unfold and seeing the orders roll in. The stores first couple weeks were actually a few of the best for sales to date, which is exactly what I had hoped and expected but with time we are going to beat those sales ten times over.

Since then the last six months have been a great adventure and I can not wait to see what the next six will bring us. Right now it is Fall buying season and I have never been so excited to make purchases for the store. First fall is my favorite season but Fall/Winter are also my favorite season for clothes. I have already started compiling tons of items I would like to stock for both seasons, I truly know it will be the best inventory we've held yet and I cant wait for everyone to see. However it is not making my frustration with the Texas heat any easier, knowing this state basically skips over fall and it will likely remain hot here for several more months. 

Last month we attended our first vendor show, you can watch a little bit of footage here. Although it wasn't as great as we had hoped it would be it was still a big learning experience that we hope will help us in the future. We actually already have our next show on the books for October at a large local event in Rockwall and we can not wait.

Right now the store is currently having a summer clearance event to make room for that much more fall and fall transition items on the shelves. I blasted out that sale before realizing this milestone would fall right in the middle of it so I think that calls for an even bigger and better sale for today only!!

Happy 6 Months Burn Boutique, thank you for all the fun!!

Also I never posted the photos and outfit details to here for the third outfit from our shoot with Beckley photography so they will be below. You can see outfits one here and two here. So now onto number three featuring The Everyday Maxi from the store styled a little differently.

  Black Maxi: Burn Boutique, Denium Shirt: LOFT, Necklace: Burn Boutique, Pink Clutch: Burn Boutique, Cuff Bracelet: Burn Boutique


Scallop Shorts OOTD

Happy Monday everyone!!! Last week I shared my first fashion blog post where I styled a Burn Boutique clothing item. First thank you to everyone for the positive feedback on that post and now we are back with the second outfit that we shot with Beckley Co photography at that shoot.

Shorts: Burn Boutique/ Top: Burn Boutique/ Necklace: Burn Boutique/ Clutch: Burn Boutique/ Wedges: Target?


Blush Top OOTD

Today I am excited to drive a little into a part of blogging I have never touched before, fashion blogging. However fashion has always been something I have been passionate about (hence me starting an online boutique) so I thought why not give it a try. Also I thought it would be a great way to show my customers and future customers how you can style our pieces. So I scheduled a session with a local blog photographer Beckley Co. to shoot several outfits. My husband tagged along and took some video footage of the shoot so hopefully a short behind the scenes vlog to come!

Todays outfit is the first of those I shot, featuring our Blushed Top. Styled casual yet put together with heals. This outfit would be perfect for any occasion: day out with your friends, brunch, date night and more.

Top: Burn Boutique / Shoes: Steve Madden-Marshall's/ Necklace: Burn Boutique/ Clutch: Francesca's


Guest Bathroom Makeover

So we're back and surprise surprise it is with yet another house project update, this time it is our hall guest bathroom. A little background, in the area of town we live in and where we were basing our house search when we were looking to buy is made up of older homes, most built in the 1950s. With that in mind we were thrilled when we found our house and both bathrooms had been "updated" meaning neither was the original bright colored cement tile that are in so many of the homes in the area. This is a relief because it is very hard to remove that tile, making it a large undertaking to change.

Although both of the bathrooms had been updated (the master was actually updated just for the sale of the house and it was exactly what I would've chosen myself, white grey and modern)  the guest bathroom only had a pedestal sink, which we knew would need to be switched out for a regular vanity at some point for storage and functional purposes, in addition the bathroom needed to be painted. Like the rest of our house when we moved in the bathroom was brown which made it feel very dark all the time. Therefore Step 1 of the makeover was a fresh coat of lighter paint. Initially I planned to paint the walls off white, however I knew we were looking for a white vanity so I thought that might be to washed out, so I went ahead and just painted it the same shade as the rest of our house, light grey.

After the bathroom was painted it was time to look for vanities and mirrors. We did our due diligence and went to Lowes first to look and price although I knew Seconds & Surplus had better deals, which is exactly where we ended up purchasing the vanity and top. Initially we thought it would be a lot simpler to switch the sink and the vanity. However it ended up being a lot more of a process then we anticipated. It took basically an entire day to do it all but we are so thrilled with the end result. The only thing we have left to do is update the linen cabinet a bit to match. Before and after pictures and sources below:




Paint- Repose Grey, Sherwin Williams

Mirror- At Home

Vanity- Seconds & Surplus

Vanity Top- Seconds & Surplus


DIY Spring/Summer Wreath

We moved into our house a couple weeks before Christmas, but things were crazy and we hardly even got to decorate for that. We were more worried about simply unpacking and finding all of our things in the boxes. Slowly but surely the boxes have been unpacked and the house is getting decorated, one part at a time.

The weather has been really nice lately so and I try and take our pup Bentley for walks around the neighborhood as often as I can, especially before it starts to get really hot. As we walk around the neighborhood there is one big trend I noticed... wreaths on all of the front doors. They range is style and I love it, shows a little bit of the personality of the owners. I knew I wanted to one for our door as well, one for Spring & Summer then likely change it out for Fall then Christmas. However after realizing how much people charged for these things, I set out to create it myself, plus I'm always down for a good DIY project. So I set out to Michael's to get supplies, I had a 40% off everything coupon which worked out great.

Here is what I bought:
  • One twig pre-assembled wreath 
  • Four white hydrangea stems 
  • One burlap and lace bow (Michael's had a section of pre-made bows but you can also create your own) 
  • One wooden letter "B"
  • White Paint 
  • Wreath Hanger (Actually I forgot this and had to go back for it later) 
What I did:
  • Paint the wooden letter "B" with white paint and set aside to dry
  • Cut the hydrangea stems to size using sharp scissors and pliers, this takes some time and effort  
  • Fasten the bow to desired spot with attached wire
  • Stick hydrangea stems through the wreath twigs surrounding bow, once I stuck them in they were pretty secure but you can also add some hot glue 
  • Attach wooden letter with hot glue 
  • Hang wreath hook on the door, hang wreath and admire! 
I love the way this turned out and the look it gives our entry way. I cant wait to create a couple other versions in the fall and winter to swap it out with. 


Burn Boutique- 3 Months Later

Well almost three months ago I took a leap of faith to follow a dream of mine, a dream of opening my own clothing boutique, Burn Boutique. Three months later I am here to say many things: I'm so happy I did it, I find so much joy in the store, I still have so much to learn, its a new challenge everyday, and I am so hopeful to keep this going long term.

Behind the Scenes my Shooting Some Pictures for the Website
Last night I had dinner with my friend Lea, and we talked and talked for hours about life, dreams, endeavors, blogging and the store. She recently started a great fashion blog, so go check it out. You may even notice a familiar item in one of her posts. Anyway our conversation got on the topic about how when you're doing something you are truly passionate about doesn't feel like work, even if it is. That's how I feel about running the store. The week the store launched I was overflowing with pride as each order came in, of course I had the highest of hopes for the store but I was still surprised and delighted to see it do well. Three months later, I still get giddy each time the notification goes off for a new order. As you know I still work a full time job, one that can have crazy schedules and has me traveling a lot. Which means I run the boutique in the after hours... aka  nights and weekends. However I don't mind it one bit, I enjoy packing orders after work and spending weekends taking photos or working on the website. I don't mind it because I truly enjoy it and it doesn't feel like work, I don't mind giving up my time on the weekends to "work" on the store, but I sure do feel bent out of shape when my real job has me working on the weekend. All this to say I am so glad I found something I enjoy even if it isn't my "job" right now.

Picture from Latest Photoshoot
While I love running the store and I am so happy with everything I have accomplished so far I still have so much to learn and my wheels are constantly turning trying to figure out new ways to market the store and get the word out. Right now I am turning my focus to getting in front of the customers... quite literally! I have started compiling a list of vendor markets, festivals, and tradeshows that I can attend over the coming months. It is my hope to attend a couple of these events over the summer so stay tuned you may be able to come shop at an event near you!!

Its actually hard for me to believe I have barely hit the three month mark with the store because I feel like so much has happened in such a small time period. But I'm excited for everything that has happened so far and everything to come! I am excited for a new season of clothing and to see what summer can bring, I cant wait to check back in again in a couple of months and see what else has changed!

Find the Store and Shop Here:
Burn Boutique
Instagram: shopburnboutique